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6.7 Ford Connecting Rods 6.7 Ford Connecting Rods

Genuine Ford Quality

1 Connecting Rod

Genuine Ford Quality
Direct, Guaranteed Fit
Ford Factory Warranty
Does NOT Include Bearings

Our Price: $104.38
6.7L Power Stroke Dry Cold-Air Intake Kit (2017) 75-5085D 6.7L Power Stroke Dry Cold-Air Intake Kit (2017) 75-5085D

Cold Air Intake for 2017-2018 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L (Dry Extendable Filter) 75-5085D

Please refer to this article for additional information.

Our Price: $329.00
6.7L Ford Performance Longblock Full running assembly 6.7L Ford Performance Longblock Full running assembly

Cylinder Block

Bore block back to crankshaft center line

Hone block to 12Rk finish

Crank Shaft

Check crankshaft main and rod clearances

Magnuflux crankshaft

Balance rotational assembly

Replace Main bearings

Replace rod bearings

Replace cam bearings

Replace Main bolts

Connecting Rods

Inspect and condition rods


Inspect and polish camshaft


Polish crankshaft


Install Mahle pistons

Mahle pistons, rings, Pin retainers weight matched prior to crank balancing ( * optional ceramic and DFL coating available)

Reman Heads

Resurface heads

Magnuflux and pressure test heads

Cut new valve seats

Cut valves

Install new valve guides

Install new valve seals

Test spring tension

Install New Fel Pro head gaskets

Install ARP studs

Install new bed seals

Install rear main seals

Install new lifters

Rear cover Gasket

Rear main seal

Rear cover installed

New Motorcraft Harmonic Balancer

New Flywheel

Items Included:

2 Water pumps

4 Thermostats

Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

Front cover and gaskets

Turbocharger Turbo

Pickup tube

Map Sensor

Coolant Temp Sensor

Intake Air Temp Sensor

Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

Engine Oil Pressure Switch

Crank Position Sensor

Camshaft Postition Sensor

Oil Cooler

Fuel Filter

Our Price: $16,484.80