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6.4L Powerstroke Heavy Duty Pistons (Maxx Force 7) Set of 8

The 6.4 Powerstroke (2008-10 model years) has a notorious problem with the pistons cracking. This issue occurs more frequently in performance applications. The solution for a high performance street driven truck is to install pistons from the International Maxx Force 7 engine. The Maxx Force 7 is essentially the 6.4 Powerstroke but used in International truck applications. When International released the 2011 Maxx Force 7, they designed the pistons for increased performance and they are perfect for use in Ford trucks. The piston design includes a wider combustion bowl that prevents cracking.

These pistons are a direct replacement with the only major change being the compression ratio will lower approximately 0.5. This lower compression has yet to show any negative affects, even in high altitudes and cold temperatures.
Bore Size: Std, 0.020" over, 0.030" over.

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