We do not provide Free shipping Unless specified in each Order


  • Products typically ship out the same day, but please allow 1-2 working days for orders to process. Packages will more than likely be shipped on in different boxes if you are ordering multiple items
  • Please check emails for tracking number(s) as products are being shipped out. If you need a status on an order please view your account or email office@diesel911.comPackaging
  • Injectors are heavy and have sharp points/corners that can cut through packaging. We recommend first wrapping each one in 2-3 shop towels for padding and to absorb the oil in them, then enclosing them in a Zip-Loc bag or several layers of plastic wrap. Next wrap them in newspaper and pack them tightly in the box. A set of injectors weighs about 25 pounds, so be sure to use a strong box in good condition. Proper packing means that the container can be dropped from a height of 18″ 6-8 times on its corners, edges and sides with out damage to the contents, and the container remains intact. We do NOT file insurance claims on damaged injectors if they are not properly packed; damages caused by improper packaging may result in additional charges.
  • Please include your Contact info in the box. We can not return the item with out proper identification .